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Web-site of nun Xenia about Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church.
Here you will find not only pictures and pictures not only about ROAC. Originally it was simply a place where I used to download some materials for our English-speaking friends. Slowly but surely the number of the visitors was increasing, and I started to add documents and other things. But now our Church has the official web-site. So, if you need information, it is better to go there, because my information here is often out of date, I never have time to update it. I still continue developing this web-page mostly for friends, including the unknown ones. But enemies are also welcome:-)





Pictures of ROAC

Pictures of not-ROAC


Xenia list for True Orthodox people




Last updated:

April 17, 2007. I have finally made the first updates to my web-site. Actually, most of the pages need the updates like this. I will add them slowly but surely.

December 1, 2006. Trip to the Northern Thebaid, Part 2. Actually, I made it earlier, but I forgot to add the link.

September 16, 2006. Trip to the Northern Thebaid.

April 25, 2006. Links were updated.

June 8. The trip of Metropolitan Valentine to the USA (May-June 2005).

March 5. Pictures of ordination of Father Siluan, the first Argentinean priest of ROAC.

Pictures (c) Olga Mitrenina

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