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600th Anniversary of the repose of St. Euphemios of Suzdal

On May 14 2004 the 600th anniversary of the repose of St.Euphemios was celebrated. St. Euphemios was the founder of monasticism in Suzdal, he was very venerated during his life and he is venerated up till now. Archimandert (now Metropolitan) Valentine tried to receive his relics that were seized by communists, he managed to do it only in 1988 using the date of the 1000th anniversary of baptism of Russia. The relics are in Tsar-Constantine church of ROAC now. On the picture below you can see Archbishop Theodore serving a liturgy on this day.

Several bishops come to Suzdal on that day to venerate St.Euphemios. Left to right: Bishop Irinarch of Tula and Bryansk, Archbishop Seraphim of Sukhumi and Abkhazia (Catacomb), Archbishop Theodore of Borisovskoe and Otradnoe, Bishop Anthiny of Yaransk (Catacomb), Bishop Ambrosy (former of Khabarovsk, retired due to health problems).

A brave alcolyte Ivan Saveliev, who was not afraid to struggle alone with Cosa Nostra in the hard days in Suzdal. His 14th birthday was on this day, he has a honour of being born on the day of St.Euphemios.

Archbishop Seraphim at the Great Entrance.

Below is a picture of a small pilgrim from Moscow.

After the Liturgy there was a procession with relics. Here are they going out of the Tzar-Constantine Church.

A boy helps Bishop Anthony to go.

This is early spring in Suzdal.

Ivan Saveliev again.

Babushkas are carrying antydoron.

Catacomb Abbess Euphemia. It was her name day.

After the procession according to tradition people are entering the church going beneath the relics.

And after the service there was a first conference dedicated to St.Euphemios: "Evfimievskie Chteniya". It took place in the Synodal house of ROAC. The reports were about St.Euphemios and history of Suzdal that chronicles first mentioned in the 6th century.

We hope this conference will become a tradition.

This is Father Arkady who serves in Moscow, and some pilgrims from Moscow near the tomb of St.Euphemios. Kids keep icons of St.Euphemios blessed on his tomb.

Pictures were made by Alexander Soldatov.

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