Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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The Synod meeting on March 2/15, 2001, when it was decided to canonize Met. Philaret (Voznesenski).

Metropolitan Valentine after the Liturgy. March 2001.
Archbishop Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir (usually he looks much more serious but I like this picture).



Bishop Victor and Bishop Theodore. October 2000. 

Bishop Theodore

Synodal House in Suzdal. The previous Synodal House was burned out the day before everyone moved in. This house has 2 churches inside dedicated to Royal Martyrs and to Iveron icon of Mother of God.
Father Paul Lim. He was ordained in November 2000 for the parish in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom. He is a Singaporean citizen, from a Taoist family. He has an honours degree in metals science, and until August was working for Hewlett Packard. (Now he is Hierimonk Augustine).
Hieromonk Gregory from St.Petersburg with two Suzdal boys -- Zhenya and Venya.



Pilgrims from St.-Petersbug with Abbes Evfimia.

House for pilgrims near the Synodal House (white building).

Schema-abbes Evfimia (in the center), her kelejnitsa (left) and mother Lydia (right -- she is responsible for cooking the prosfores -- bread for the Liturgy) on their way from the church to the monastery. 

Three catacomb babushkas from Tula, Fr. Nicolas from Suzdal and Fr. Theophan from St.-Petersburg. Our Church has a monastery in Tula.



Monk Theodosy and Alexey Chesnokov cleaning the roof before painting it.

Preparing to read the prayer in trapeznaya bedore lunch.


St. Constantine Cathedral -- the main cathedral of our Church. Inside there are the relics of St. Evfimij and St. Evfrosinia.


This wooden house is a monastery dedicated to St. John of San-Francisco. Many times our Vladyka tried to receive some old monastery building (there are plenty of them in Suzdal), but each time he applies for some building, it is immediately given to MP. 



Church of St. Cosmas and St. Damianus. Hieromonk Nicolas (tonsured in the honor of St. Tzar Nicolas II), a priest of a really holy life served there. Before his death he went to his church and died before the altar. He died when he was only 42. Now another Father Nicolas serves there, and he tries to keep everything as it was during the life of Hieromonk Nicolas. 


This building was renovated, and now it includes: On the first floor the monastery of the Mother of God (Church, 24 sells and trapeznaya), on the second floor there are offices of the eparchy, the museum of White army  and classrooms. On the attic there is a large hall for gatherings (for 200 people). The Congress took place there. 

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