Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Zheleznovodsk (The Caucasus)

Protopriest George Novokovski, rector of church of St. Olga in the city of Zheleznovodsk at the Caucasus. Father George is very tall and large, he looks like a real "bogatyr" from Russian folklore. He has a brother who also is a priest in the same church, his name is Father Roman. These two priest-brothers are famous for their singing, when they come to Suzdal they sometimes sing during some services. Father George and his brother also held missionary work in their city. Besides Father George is a Blagochinnij ("principal priest" or how it is in English?) in his region, and he is a real help for Vladyka.

Church of St.Olga that was built in Zheleznovodsk by Father George and his parish. MP tried to seize this church, and Father George, Father Roman, nun Irina, Reader Sergei and people were protecting it.

Meropolit Gegeon of Moscow Partiarchate, who was trying to seize the church of St. Olga. This is a cover of chocolate dedicated to his 70-th anniversary. This chocolate was being sold in his diocese. It is written there: Vladyka Gideon, 70 years. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, natural coffee, dry milk, cognac (brandy) :-)

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