Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Volgograd (Large city on the river of Volda)

Parish in Volgorad started when some people left ROCOR parish after the appeal of ROCOR to Serbian Patriarchate. At the beginning this parish consisted only of 2 families and 2 twin-sisters. They were doing reader services. Priests form other cities were visiting Volgograd to serve Liturgies for this parish.

On this picture you can see Hieromonk Gregory (from St.Petersburg), Irina with her child Vasilissa and twin-sisters. The husband of Irina (he is making a picture) is the core of this parish. Sisters are very different, although they have very similar faces.

In 2001 Father Victor Usachev, a very good priest from MP, applied to be received to ROAC. Father Victor is a respected medical doctor reanimator, he is a kind and honest man, he was in MP by mistake. Very soon he started to realise the falsity of MP, also he was reading Vertograd and talking to ROAC parishioners. And finally he decided to leave MP. His parish followed him, and the original small ROAC parish is now with him as well. MP mertopolitan already promosed "problems" to him.

This is how the church of Father Victor looks. The church is dedicated to St. Archangel Michael. They hope to get a larger place one day.

Here are the parishioners.

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