Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Smeli (Cherkassk region, Ukraine)

The construction of the Church of the Icon of "All hose who are in sorrows" in the city of Smeli. Now this church built and it looks very beautiful. I am planning top add its picture.

In Smeli the Chair of Bishop Hilarion is located. And in this church Archbishop Valentin, together with Archbishops Theodore and Bishop Hilarion, carried out the hierarchical consecration of Archimandrite Geronty.

This is Father Iakov who serves in this church.

Father Ialov with children of the Sunday School. Somebodie's mother is arrangling them to be photographed.

We have to bishops at the Ukraine and a number of Catacomb or open parishes.

People in the Ukraine are very poor (much worse then in Russia) but they are strong in sprirt.

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