Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Novaya Koupavna (Moscow region)

This is Father Andrew Valevsky from the village of Novaya Kupavna, rector of the parish of St.Xenia. He is an artist, and his pictures are rather nice (I hope to scan some of them later). He has a big parish, and they are building a big church with the house for old and handicapped people. Moscow Patriarchate together with the local authorities were struggling against them very much.

So before the church is finished Father Andrew serves in the home church. Here is his altar.

And this is the first part of the church. The construction was stopped for almost two years because of the attacks of the local authorities. I saw a picture where the police is climbing over the fence to get the building. Finally the community decided to go to court, and only after that the problem was settled and now they can continue the construction.

Here the altar will be. Soon...

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