Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Protopriest Michael Ardov, Rector of Moscow parish of Tsar Martyr Nicolas. (On this picture he is delivering his report on the 8th Congress of clergy, monastics and laity of the Suzdal diocese of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, November, 2000). Fr. Michael is a well-known writer from the famous family of the Ardovs. He is very pious and very joyful at the same time. 
Cross Elevation (Archbishop Valentine is serving in Moscow)
Father Nicolas from Serpoukhov visiting Moscow (From left to right: Fr. Michael Ardov, Fr. Nicolas).

Fr. Michael Makeev, the second priest in the Moscow church. He ruined his health in Chernobyl. He spends a lot of time and efforts for the missionary work with the yours, especially with its "difficult" part -- drug addicts, hippies, etc. He regularly organizes special gatherings for the youth (people call this gatherings "Makeiniki" in the honor of Fr. Michael), where he discuss different questions of both Church and civilian life with young "hooligans" and Christians.

Father Alexey, Deacon of the Moscow church. He is the practical specialist on snakes, so he can take even the most dangerous snake.
This is Sergey, the Warden of the church in Moscow. He is a medical doctor by profession.

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