Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Youth of St.-Petersburg

Our parishioner Gregory Benevich teaches at St.Petersburg Institute of Religion and Philosophy. He holds seminars there on Church History and Theology. Not only the studens of the Institute participate, but anyone interestied in this matter can come. Here Gregory is the first from right. Our chorus director Dimitry Shabanov is the first from left. Next to him Dimitry Birukov is sitting, who converted to True Orthodoxy (along with his wife and small daughter) being a student of Gregory.

Here are more students. In the middle you can see Ann who is also a former student of Gregory. She and her family are Armenian refugees from Azerbajdzhan. Ann and her sister work in our church of St.Elizabeth now.

And here are the guests of our parish. The boy with a guitar is Nikita, he writes songs in the style of Russian poet Nicholas Goumilev (+1921). He came from Moscow with his friend Maria. Left to right: Vera Zemskova (a historian), Maria (friend of Nikita), Karina (our chorus "deputy" director), Nikita (with the guitar) and Dimitry Birukov (standing). You can see the portraits of St. Elizabeth and our Metropolitan in the corners.

Here are more people. Letf to right: Alexander (he helps a lot with "intractable" and suicide-dependent kids), two Dimitries, monk Dimitry (named after St.Dimitry of Gdov) and our book-keeper Ludmila.

Below is Dimitry Shabanov with Vladimir. Vladimir is not Orthodox yet, but he helps a lot to support one suicider (who is a very complicated case). Besides he is a good translator and he helps translating some documents. I hope he will become Orthodox. I know he believes in God, but serious decisions are always difficult to make. The icon of St. Nectarios is above the window.

Here is our altar-servicer Kirill talking to his mother!..

And here are three of them -- Gregory Benevich, Dimitri Birukov and Kirill before the procession on Great Friday.

Pictures were made by Dimitry Shabanov and A.Nune.

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