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Suzdal, October 8/21, 2003

For the first time in my life I traveled to Suzdal with a good camera. But the weather was not very good, it was a foggy autumn. Actually, I like it, but it was not the best day for making pictures.

This is the grave of Hegumen Nicholas, who died in Suzdal in 1999. He was very ascetic, for many years he slept only sitting on a stool and never went to doctor. Nobody knew that he had a serious heart disease.

This is another grave. The grave of Catacomb Schema-Abbess Ioanna. She was imprisoned for many years for her faith. Later she became the first Abbess of the True Church in Suzdal.

The chapel of St. Vladimir that Metropolitan Valentine built near the cemetery. No one believes this is a modern chapel.

This church was also built by Metropolitan Valentine. It is located in a new region of Suzdal and it is dedicated to New Martyrs of Russia. This church had been blasphemed recently. I made a picture of the crosses of this church as well.

Church of Sst. Boris and Gleb. It was in a very bad condition, but Vladyka and Father Alexey have recently started to renovate it. The roof is already done, that will keep the church safer. You can see some frescos inside.

Priest Alexey Chesnokov, rector of the church of Sst. Boris and Gleb in a small altar of the church. He served there in summer, but in winter he will not be able to serve here. Not yet.

This is how that main altar of the church looks. As soon as the windows are fixed, it will look better.

Father Nicholas Novoselov. He is from a catacomb family. His sister is a main helper of Abbess Efimia in Suzdal, and Father Nicholas is a helper of Vladyka.

Pokrov Monastery.

Church of St. Anna in Pokrov monastery. It was built by John the Terrible for one of his seven wifes, Anna Kolotovskaya, whom he imprisoned to this monastery. As far as she was Polish, he asked to build an Orthodox church in some Polish style to please her...

Archbishop Theodore is standing in front of this church.

Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir. One of the most persecuted Hierarchs of our days, whether you like it or not.

This is my good friend Olga. We work together in the University and she lives next door to me. She is very nice, kind and pious. She is a real angel.

And this is me against the background of Spaso-Efimievsky monastery on Suzdal.

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